Jason Priestley – A Memoir


Where were you when you discovered life in America’s favorite zip code?

Join the man you loved as a wholesome teenage heartthrob as he looks back on the era when we were all fresh out of the eighties and discovering neon clothing, “90210 sideburns,” and Donkey Kong. For nine years, Jason Priestley was Brandon Walsh on Beverly Hills 90210, a program that skyrocketed an unprepared Priestley to fame. His face quickly came to define an era. But his private life was even more compelling than what he played on TV. Now, he tells it all—his time on the set of 90210, his brief stint in prison, and, ultimately, his happy marriage and fatherhood.

In Jason Priestley: A Memoir, Priestley tells about his life as a young, unknown working actor. He was Brad Pitt’s roommate, shown the ropes by Johnny Depp, scolded by Sam Elliott, and challenged by Shannen Doherty. Always candid, but never mean-spirited, Jason Priestley talks with wit and humor about his roller-coaster years before, during, and after living in America’s most famous zip code.

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